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Carol A. Harnett Named President of Council for Disability Awareness

Nonprofit taps industry leader to further its mission of disability awareness and education

PORTLAND, Maine, July 9, 2014 – The Council for Disability Awareness today announced it has appointed Carol A. Harnett, a widely respected consultant, speaker, writer and trendspotter in the fields of employee benefits, absence and disability management, and health and performance innovation, as President. Harnett began her career as a clinical physiologist and has first-hand experience in training a range of people from elite athletes to pregnant women to injured workers. She serves on the Executive Committee and Board of Disabled Sports USA, and actively participates in DSUSA’s Warfighter Sports program.

Harnett will lead CDA’s dedicated effort to raise consumers’ awareness of the risks and consequences of experiencing an income-interrupting illness or injury.

“Carol brings a unique background and diverse mix of experiences to CDA that are a perfect fit as the Council continues to grow and spread its important message,” said Dan McMillan, chairman of the CDA Board of Directors. “Carol’s expertise, derived from her work with people with disabilities and health and disability insurers, as well as in health care and the disability community, will help her broaden CDA’s reach and impact.”

Harnett succeeds Barry Lundquist who, during his five years of committed service as President, helped successfully raise CDA’s national presence as a trusted source for education and information about the disability risk and the importance of sound income protection planning, and as a public voice for the disability industry.

As CDA’s President, Harnett will continue to expand the organization’s positive impact on employees, human resource professionals, insurance agents, brokers, benefit consultants and financial planners.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue CDA’s great work regarding the impact of minor and major illnesses and injuries on employee jobs and income,” Harnett said. “Barry Lundquist has dedicated himself to this important cause and I look forward to building upon his legacy.”

Lundquist’s retirement is part of a planned leadership succession and transition at CDA.

“It has been a privilege to work with employers, advisors and the disability industry to help America’s workers understand their disability risk, and take action to protect their financial futures,” said Lundquist. “Carol is a great person to lead CDA and spread the Council’s message, research and advocacy to new people and places. The organization is in great hands.”

Harnett will coordinate partnerships with CDA’s member companies, which help support disability research and claim studies, the Defend Your Income movement, media outreach and consumer-facing web-based and social media tools, and other educational resources, which are all publicly available via CDA’s web site: disabilitycanhappen.org.

About The Council for Disability Awareness
The Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the American public about the risk and consequences of experiencing an income-interrupting illness or injury. The CDA engages in research, communications and educational activities that provide information and helpful resources to wage earners, employers, financial advisors, consultants and others who are concerned about the personal and financial impact a disability can have on wage earners and their families.