Financial Impact

Disability: Are You Financially Prepared?


It strikes like a bolt from the blue: unwanted, unexpected, unwelcome. Unfortunately, many of us are totally unprepared for the financial hit that disability can bring.


Imagine: you’re suddenly unable to work. Without an income, you quickly exhaust your savings, undermining your family’s financial security. The money you’ve managed to put away for a vacation, the kids’ education, and your own retirement now has to be spent on gas, groceries, and other necessities. The worry is suffocating. The stress and sleepless nights can seem unbearable.


Worse, it could continue for a long time. Long-term disability lasts 31.2 months, on average, so the long-term financial impact can be devastating. Over half of all personal bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are a consequence of disability, according to a 2005 Harvard study.


Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. There’s little or no money left for unexpected emergencies like an injury or illness – the primary causes of disability.


What can you do?


Prepare a plan. Our Financial Security Plan provides a painless guide to preparing for the unthinkable. Plus, it’s a lot faster and easier than squirreling away 31.2 months worth of savings!

Start planning today so you’ll be ready tomorrow.