"Thank goodness we were prepared"

Because he invested in disability insurance, David was still able to take care of his family after a stroke caused him to retire early.

At age 48, it appeared the best years of David's life were still ahead. Between playing volleyball, participating on the local ski patrol, spending time with his family, and traveling for business, David was leading an active, exciting life.

But, in early spring 2005, everything came to a halt. David suffered a stroke that changed his life forever.

Although in a wheelchair, David decided to return to work part-time, hoping he would have the ability to resume his career as an IT consultant. While he physically made progress by switching from the wheelchair to a cane, David felt overwhelmed at work. "I wasn't able to keep up with my colleagues and resume traveling-even part-time, so I permanently retired," he said.

Financially, the stroke greatly affected his family. "Thank goodness we were prepared," said David.

Although financial matters now are more challenging, David's family remains financially sound. He attributes their situation to their savings plan and preparedness in the event he or his wife became disabled. David previously purchased a disability income insurance plan through his employer, which helped the family financially after his stroke.

Looking back, David remembers that, "There was no warning. I was healthy. I went to the gym, skied often, used a treadmill at home. I had no other symptoms. It just happened. One day, you're fine, and the next day you're not."

Plan ahead to help protect yourself in the event of an accident or injury.

To protect the privacy of those impacted by a disability, only first names are used and the photo is not of the actual individual profiled.