America’s Income Protection Picture

The CDA’s 2014 consumer awareness study examines how and why too many working adults fall short in protecting one of their most important resources – their income.

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Disability Divide Series

CDA 2013 Disability Divide Employer Awareness Study


The Disability Divide: Employer Study. The gap between employees’ attitudes – and HR professionals’ perceptions of those attitudes – about disability and their potential threat to their financial security

CDA 2011 Disability Divide Advisor Awareness Study

The Disability Divide: Advisor Study. The gap between consumers’ attitudes – and advisors’ perceptions of those attitudes – about disabilities and their potential threat to their financial security.

CDA 2010 Disability Divide Consumer Awareness Study

The Disability Divide: The gap between what employees believe – and how they act – about the potential for an income-threatening disability.

Annual Long Term Disability Claims Review

A multi-year review of LTD claims and trends among U.S. workers. Primary data is collected from CDA member companies’ long term disability claim records. The report also includes an analysis of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) trends, using publically available data from the U.S. Social Security Administration.


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Study based on 2013 claims data


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CDA Research Archive


  • CDA White Paper, Worker Disability: A Growing Risk to Retirement Security
    Addresses Americans’ lack of awareness of the risks and financial burden that an unexpected accident or illness can have on retirement savings. The white paper discusses how American workers are taking on more responsibility for their own personal financial wellbeing, but most are not planning accordingly and are threatening their retirement security


  • CDA 2008 Worker Disability Planning and Preparedness Study Fact Sheet
    The 2008 “Worker Disability Planning and Preparedness Study Fact Sheet” highlights key findings from the study. Overall the study revealed that most workers are not prepared for the financial consequences of an income-limiting disability. While the majority of workers rated their ability to earn a living as the most important contributor to their long-term financial security, three times greater than those who rated retirement savings as number one – two in three workers do not even think about disability when they discuss their “financial planning.” Download the complete study.


  • CDA 2007 Disability Awareness Survey Executive Summary
    CDA recently published the “2007 Disability Awareness Survey,” a landmark survey of working Americans, which gauged wage earners’ awareness of their likelihood of experiencing a disability, as well as their preparedness should a disability strike. The executive summary thoroughly reviews the survey findings and extracts critical implications regarding the ability of America’s workforce to financially weather an income-limiting disability.


  • CDA 2007 Disability Awareness Survey Fact Sheet
    The “2007 Disability Awareness Survey” fact sheet accompanies the survey’s executive summary, and provides readers with key highlights of the survey findings. Specifically, highlights reveal that disability is not top of mind for American workers, financial uncertainty looms for those unprepared and women are more aware of disability’s likelihood, but less prepared to deal with its financial consequences.