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America's Income Protection Picture 2014 Disability Awareness Study

Are working Americans prepared to deal with an income-interrupting injury or illness? What's keeping them from obtaining income protection? Have they thought about their risks? If they weren't able to work, where would they turn for financial help?

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Download the report


This latest study set out to answer those questions. In May 2014, the CDA surveyed 1000 working Americans, asking questions designed to help understand the difference between what workers say is important and what they actually choose to protect. The survey also sought to identify different perceptions and actions related to income protection, and to learn how well workers understand the concept of income protection, its cost and associated benefits.

Key Findings

  • 57% of working adults report having no private disability insurance
  • One third would consider buying disability insurance if they knew more about it
  • 41% would consider buying it if it were less expensive, but perceptions about costs vary considerably

What’s in this report?

The America’s Income Protection Picture report examines working consumers’ answers to questions around:

  • The importance of income, and the importance of protecting it with insurance
  • Common misconceptions – and the reality – about the chances of an income-interrupting illness, injury or surgery
  • Where to turn for information, answers and advice

Who can benefit from reading this report?

While this report makes valuable reading for anyone interested in disability and/or absence management, the following groups may find it of particular interest:

  • HR professionals looking to better educate their employees about income protection
  • Employee benefits brokers working with employers on benefit package design and communications
  • Employers looking to improve employee satisfaction and benefit plan participation
  • Media looking to educate readers/viewers on the steps they need to protect their income

This report provides insights into the disability mindset of consumers, and will help close perception gaps that are a barrier to understanding and appreciation of an employer-provided or individual disability insurance plan.