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  • Reuters
    Job disability a headache for recovery
    Even though only 35 percent of applicants are awarded disability, those receiving disability benefits now account for 5.6 percent of the working age population, up from about 4.5 percent in 2007.
  • National Underwriter
    Income Protection: Are You Asking These 3 Questions?
    As a trusted advisor, you go out of your way to safeguard your clients and the employees who work at your clients’ firms from loss. Undoubtedly, their major assets, like their homes and cars, are protected. But what about their most important financial resource?
  • Wall Street Journal
    Is Disability Coverage a Buy?
    Disability insurance has long been the stepchild of employee benefits, ignored by workers until it’s needed. But with employee costs rising and company open-enrollment season beginning, it’s worth a closer look.
  • Reuters
    Analysis: Employee disability benefits get costlier, complicated
    It is becoming more common for employees to pick up some of the cost of workplace benefits, as opposed to the employer. This article stresses the importance of making an informed decision about your benefits – know what you are paying for and take responsibility for understanding the value.
    Five Group Disability Insurance Myths
    Debunk common misconceptions and avoid having a false sense of security. CDA encourages education and a financial plan as a good start.
  • National Underwriter
    Disability Insurance Views
    The recession has driven home the notion that a person’s most valuable asset is their ability to earn an income. Key points from the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) 2011 Claims Survey support this message. (PDF)
  • Washington Post
    Employers shift disability insurance cost to workers and trim benefits
    Disability insurance is an often overlooked and misunderstood benefit. As more employers shift the cost of this benefit to employees, it is important to understand and evaluate your options to be sure you are adequately covered.
  • Agent’s Sales Journal
    The Affordability of Disability, Helping employers understand the perils of dropping disability coverage
    In today’s economy, several employers may be cutting disability insurance due to cost. However, the stark reality and industry statistics demonstrate that most employers cannot afford to cut disability from their benefits package. (PDF)
  • NY Daily News
    Employees should understand disability insurance, plan for maximizing on benefits before retirement.
    Jean Chatzky, popular finance columnist, breaks down the basics of disability insurance and encourages employees to understand this benefit.
  • SmartMoney
    The Insurance Coverage You May Be Losing
    Employers are offering less coverage for disability as benefits costs rise. The article highlights this fact, and how disability is more common than people think. (PDF)
  • SmartMoney
    How to Buy Disability Insurance
    Statistics show that nearly one-third of all Americans will experience a disabling illness or injury preventing them to earn an income for a period of time. Given this information, disability insurance is something to consider and understand.
  • Wall Street Journal
    Protecting the American Dream
    For financial security, disability insurance tops the list. Despite the odds, most Americans are not preparing for the risk of a disability and failing to protect their most valuable asset, the ability to earn an income.
  • Wall Street Journal
    Preparing for the Unexpected
    The Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal features a special Disability Insurance article connecting the importance of “disability awareness” and financial security. The article features quotes from the CDA as a thought leader and expert resource.