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Research has shown that many individuals prefer to receive information graphically rather than from numbers or written text. The charts and graphs below were derived from various sources, including CDA studies. Please feel free to download and print the charts and graphs to support your needs, and help support our mission to raise awareness of the risk of disability through education and public awareness.


Infographic: The Disability Disconnect

Download our handy infographic highlighting the risk, causes and consequences of disability, and how wage earners’ perceptions differ from the reality.


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1. Preparing for Disability – Protect Your Income

  • Americans not protecting income against disability (JPG |PDF)
  • Employees do not feel prepared financially (JPG | PDF)
  • How long can you pay bills if disabled? (JPG | PDF)
  • Income is most valuable in achieving long-term financial security (JPG | PDF)

2. Disability Divide: Worker Research Study

  • Disability can happen at anytime (JPG |PDF)
  • Percent who could pay the bills with no income (JPG |PDF)
  • Percent who believe disability typically lasts “X” amount of time (duration) (JPG |PDF)
  • What employees value (financial resources) (JPG |PDF)
  • Where would the money comes from to pay bills if disabled? (JPG |PDF)

3. CDA Annual Long Term Disability Claims Review (2014)

This section last updated June 13, 2014

4.Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Data

This section last updated June 13, 2014


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