Disability Insurance Awareness Month 2019

Campaign Resources for Financial, Insurance and Employee Benefits Professionals
Last updated: April 25, 2019

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Every year, The Council for Disability Awareness joins forces with others in the insurance industry to raise awareness about the importance of income protection.

This year, we are launching a new consumer microsite, RealityCheckup.org and a social media campaign to help educate working Americans about the need for income protection. Please find info and downloadable assets related to the campaign below.

Download the campaign media kit—which includes a two-page factsheet


All press and media related questions or inquiries should be directed to:

Clare Morin
CD&M Communications
Email: cmorin@cdmc.com
Phone: (207) 347-3300 ext. 29

The Council for Disability Awareness
48 Free Street
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: (207) 774-2634
Email: info@disabilitycouncil.org

Consumer Campaign Resources

In early April 2018, The CDA launched RealityCheckup.org, a consumer microsite that educates working Americans about the need for income protection. In mid-April we will kick off a six-week social media campaign. See resources and download links below:

About the Campaign: RealityCheckup.org

RealityCheckup is a campaign spearheaded by The Council for Disability Awareness, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping working adults understand the importance of having alternate sources of income for times when they cannot work due to illness, injury, or pregnancy.


The first goal of the campaign is to encourage people to take the time to consider the reality of missing work — and a paycheck — for any period of time, and to understand that it happens more than any of us would like to think. The second goal is to help people identify the steps to insure themselves against this possibility. Each individual’s approach and solution will be different, but we want everyone to understand that some form of insurance coverage is a critical part of a responsible financial plan.

Check out the microsite: RealityCheckup.org

Download the campaign media kit

If you would like access to the campaign visuals, please contact us: Clare Morin, cmorin@cdmc.com or call (207) 347-3300 ext. 29.